Paleo Baked Spanish Tortilla (GF)

Paleo Baked Spanish Tortilla (GF) | Perchance to Cook,

I’m always on the lookout for new breakfast recipe ideas! So, I’m happily adding this Paleo Baked Spanish Tortilla recipe to the roster. It’s basically a Spanish baked potato omelette or a crustless quiche, filled with sliced sweet and regular potatoes… and seasoned with grilled garlic, scallions, fresh parsley and paprika. It’s such a fresh, and yummy flavor combination.

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French Potato and Tuna Salad { Paleo, Whole30 }

French Potato and Tuna Salad { Paleo, Whole30} | Perchance to Cook,

This French Potato and Tuna Salad recipe is my take on a French potato tuna salad that I grew up eating. My mother would make it often for our school lunches, and we would always make a big batch of it when visiting my grandparent’s in the North of France. It’s a simple yet healthy

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Fresh Parsley Kale Garden Juice (Paleo)

Fresh Parsley Kale Garden Juice (Paleo) | Perchance to Cook,

My favorite thing to add to my juices lately is parsley. And not as a garnish! Juicing parsley adds a freshness to your juice that is almost too good to be true. It’s hard to describe, but for me this Fresh Parsley Kale Garden Juice, made of kale, parsley, carrots, apple, and berries, transported me to my

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The Tastiest Paleo Paprika Garlic Shrimp! (GF)

The Tastiest Paleo Paprika Garlic Shrimp! (GF) | Perchance to Cook,

Something truly magical happens when you cook shrimp with garlic, paprika, parsley, lemon juice, and coconut milk. A fabulous OMG THAT IS DELICIOUS sauce forms, that makes you just want to lick your plate clean. And if you pour said sauce on top of cauliflower rice, and mix it all together so that the cauliflower rice absorbs all the

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Zesty Lemon Mint Turmeric Dressing (paleo, GF)

Zesty Lemon Mint Turmeric Dressing recipe. A healthy, Paleo dressing that is a great way to add Turmeric into your diet

It’s never a good idea to go grocery shopping hungry… I end up buying way more than I need, and always struggle to not open something to snack on. And yet, I find myself in this predicament far too often. Like last weekend, when I went to Marks and Spencer (my new favorite grocery store), and all

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