Amalfi Coast Honeymoon, Part 3: Capri

Amalfi Coast Honeymoon, Part 3: Capri | Perchance to Cook,

The infamous Capri was the last stop on my Amalfi Coast honeymoon trip. It’s a place with a reputation for being a ritzy glitzy vacation spot for the rich and famous. Which, I’m not going to lie, had me a bit intrigued. However, I was really not sure what to expect because as I did

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Amalfi Coast Honeymoon, Part 2: Ravello

Amalfi Coast Honeymoon, Part 2: Ravello | Perchance to Cook,

Today’s post is part two of my mini travel series on the Amalfi coast. It holds an especially special place in my memories and in my heart because Ravello is romantically amazing. It’s a place that is so beautiful, that it’s hard to believe that it’s real. To me, Ravello felt like a mixture of Tuscany

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Amalfi Coast Honeymoon, Part 1: Positano

Amalfi Coast Honeymoon, Part 1: Positano | Perchance to Cook,

Finally, finally, finally, a travel post, which just so happens to be where I went on my honeymoon! My husband and I divided our honeymoon into 3 stops on the Amalfi Coast. We did 3 days in Positano, 3 days in Ravello, and 2 days in Capri. This post is Part 1 of my Amalfi adventures and it begins

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South East Ireland- Kilkenny, Cashel, and Durrow (and some wedding photos!)

It’s been over three months since I got back from my honeymoon and I knew that if I didn’t write this now, I never would! I really loved getting to know the Irish towns of Kilkenny, Durrow, and Cashel, and wanted to share it here. I put all three of these locations into one blog post because they

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Northern Ireland Country Antrim- Part II, Belfast

Northern Ireland Country Antrim- Part II, Belfast| Perchance to Cook

Have you ever noticed that the first time that you visit a place, or start a life somewhere new, that you see it in a totally different light the very first time that your eyes see it? At first, the cracks on the street, the shapes of the buildings and various shapes such as trees all stick

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Northern Ireland County Antrim- Part I, The Antrim Coast

Northern Ireland County Antrim| Perchance to Cook,

Has it really been 7 months since I moved to Northern Ireland?! I have been wanting to write several posts sharing my favorite experiences and foods that I have encountered since moving here for so long now. But it wasn’t until I started being asked for recommendations by family and friends who are coming to my

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Les Environs de la Rochelle- Saint Savinien, La Roche Courbon, Bordeaux, Fouras

I’ve been in a state of disbelief today. For starters, am I really moving to Northern Ireland in two days?! Am I really still packing? Has it really been 3 months since my trip to France?? And have I really not posted about it yet!? If you saw my La Rochelle post, you’ll know that I visited my

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