Paleo Red Velvet Fondant Cakes (for 2) (naturally gluten-free)

Paleo-Red-Velvet-Fondant-Cakes-perchancetocook-1These Paleo Red Velvet Fondant Cakes are delicious pots of red velvet chocolate goodness for two! They are made with almond flour and coconut flour, which makes them grain-free and naturally gluten-free. They are also non-processed, which means that there is no red food-dye in the ingredient list, just some freshly juiced beet juice!

I had meant to post this recipe earlier as a Valentine’s day Paleo dessert option, but the truth is… red velvet isn’t just a one season dessert! Continue reading

Sweet Potato and Ground Turkey Enchilada Casserole (paleo, GF)

Sweet-Potato-and-Ground-Turkey-Enchilada-Casserole-paleo-perchancetocook-7I woke up the other morning thinking, “I need enchiladas…”. True story.

And rather than think about how weird that is (at least for someone who rarely eats enchiladas), I went on a mission to create an enchilada inspired Paleo dish that I could eat that day.

The result was this Sweet Potato and Ground Turkey Enchilada Casserole. And all I can say is… mission accomplished! Continue reading

Mini Sweet Potato and Bacon Breakfast Quiches (paleo, GF)

Sweet-Potato-and-Bacon-Breakfast-Quiches-paleo-perchancetocook-1Mini Sweet Potato and Bacon Breakfast Quiches are such a great on-the-go breakfast or snack option. They are full of roasted red peppers, onions, sweet potatoes, and spinach and they are topped with crumbled bacon, which makes them both satisfying and delicious. They have seriously been such a life saver for me lately, that it makes me wish that I had started making them sooner.

It’s not that I didn’t know about them before. I just didn’t like quiche without a crust of sorts. Which is where the beauty of sweet potatoes comes in. Continue reading

Ginger Cookie Apple Cobbler (Paleo, GF) (coconut flour only!)

Ginger-Cookie-Apple-Cobbler-paleo-perchancetocook-3I’m finally posting a coconut-flour ONLY recipe! Yay! I usually mix almond flour and coconut flour together when making Paleo baked goods, but after several comments asking how to make some of my current recipes without almond flour, I decided to start making some coconut flour recipes.

I wasn’t sure what coconut-flour recipe to make first. And then my fiancé mentioned that he was craving ginger cookies.  What?! My fiancé never craves anything, EVER! So I was beyond happy to jump at the opportunity to try and make a ginger cookie Paleo dessert. Continue reading

Molten Chocolate n’ Espresso Cakes (for two) (Paleo, GF, dairy-free)

Molten-Chocolate-n-Espresso-Cakes-perchancetocook-5I know that I’ve already posted two Paleo Valentine’s day dessert recipes on the blog this month. Buuuuut- what’s the harm in one more? One more chocolate-full, decadent, lovely dessert. Having options doesn’t hurt! :)

These Molten Chocolate n’ Espresso Cakes are the epitome of ooey-gooey chocolate goodness, with a hint of espresso. They pull at my chocolate heartstrings all while appealing to my head ( re: they only cook for 14 minutes AND they only serve two). Continue reading

Creamy Beef, Kale, and Tomato Stew (Paleo, GF, dairy-free, slow cooker)

Creamy-Beef-Kale-and-Tomato-Stew-paleo-perchancetocook-4I’m a HUGE fan of beef stew. I probably make one every 6 weeks as part of my Sunday meal-prep ritual. This past week, however, I decided to switch things up by adding coconut cream, rutabaga, kale, and red pepper to my stew. Best decision ever!

This Creamy Beef, Kale and Tomato Stew is probably the best slow cooker beef stew recipe that I have ever made. It’s filling and comforting. And it also has the most amazing creamy tomato flavor– with a kick. Continue reading

Date Night Risotto-Style Mushroom Quinoa (GF, dairy-free)

Risotto-Style-Mushroom-Quinoa-perchancetocook-3On nights where I am not eating 100% Paleo, I still try to eat natural, healthy, gluten-free foods. Like quinoa, for example.

I love quinoa because it’s filling, it’s great in salads, and it’s an all around great plant-based protein. But lets face it. On it’s own, quinoa can be… well… boring. There, I said it!

The upside, however, is that quinoa is so versatile, that there are never-ending ways to use it to enhance a meal. And cooking it risotto-style is my new favorite! Continue reading

Lemon Alfredo Spaghetti Squash (paleo, GF, dairy-free)

lemon-alfredo-paleo-perchancetocook-9I can remember the first time that I had lemon alfredo sauce like it was yesterday. I was in a restaurant tucked away from the busy Via del Corso in Rome. I had already ordered several other spaghetti dishes from this place and loved them so much that I didn’t want to try anything else. And yet, the foodie in me did.

I was intrigued with the idea of lemon alfredo…cream and lemon? I imagined that the sauce may not turn out quite right, but the waiter at Spaghetteria L’Archetto insisted that it was delicious.

He was right. It was more than delicious, it was phenomenal. The lemon turned a normally heavy meal into something refreshing. And I’ve kind of been obsessed ever since. Continue reading