I Can’t Believe It’s Not Processed! Caramel Fondant (Paleo, GF, dairy-free)

caramel-fondant-perchancetocook-9Now this is what my Halloween dreams are made of. Caramel Chocolate Fondant.

The ultimate paleo, gluten-free, clean Halloween treat. Who needs candy, when you have a warm ooey gooey melted chocolate fondant full of oozing caramel at your fingertips? Continue reading

Sweet Potato Salad Niçoise (paleo, GF)

Sweet-Potato-Salad-Niçoise-paleo-perchancetocook-5I’ve always love, love, loved Salad Niçoise. It’s fresh, it’s filling and it’s delicious. It reminds me of so many nice things… France, gardens, and my family. My mom makes an amazing version of this salad, much like this one, but made with white potatoes and it’s fantastically delicious. I had not attempted to paleo-ize her salad until recently and I loved the result so much that I ate it three times in one week! Continue reading

Clean “Dirt” (paleo, GF)


This Clean “Dirt” is a wonderful kid-friendly (and very adult-friendly) recipe that can be a fun and healthy Halloween Activity. It has layers of Chia Chocolate Pudding, Coconut Whipped Cream, and crumbled up Paleo Chocolate Crumble Cookies on top. Oh, and organic gummy worms!

As much as I love Halloween and Halloween candy, it’s nice to have a Halloween treat that isn’t full of sugar, food coloring and chemicals… and that can be part of a fun Halloween memory!

Continue reading

Cinnamon Cookie Caramel Apple Cobbler (paleo, GF)

Cinnamon-Cookie-Caramel-Apple-Cobbler-perchancetocook-8I don’t really know if this is a cobbler, but I didn’t know what else to call it.

I went through many name ideas for this recipe because what does one call diced caramel covered apples covered in a gooey cinnamon cookie layer? It’s not a crumble, it’s not a crisp, and it isn’t a traditional cobbler. Continue reading

Pumpkin Pot Pie (paleo, GF)

pumpkin-pot-pie-perchancetocook-14Paleo Pumpkin Pot Pie. That’s right… A creamy chicken pot pie made from a rich pumpkin sauce base. My mouth waters just thinking about it!

This Pumpkin Pot Pie is overflowing with shredded rosemary chicken, sweet potato, carrot, broccoli and cauliflower… and is topped with an almond flour, flax seed crust. Healthy comfort food at its best. Continue reading

Shredded Chicken Ratatouille Chili (paleo, GF)

Shredded-Chicken-Ratatouille-Chili-paleo-perchancetocook-2This flavorful dish is a life saver. Not only is it wonderfully addicting… (I keep scraping my bowl to get every last drop), but it also cooks itself in the slow cooker. This is great when you are running low on time or when you just want to spend your time doing something besides cooking.

If you like ratatouille, you’ll love this. It’s a unique and hearty way to get a complete meal full of vegetables and protein all in one spot… and did I mention it cooks itself?? Continue reading

Caramel Apple Banana Bread (paleo, GF)

Caramel-Apple-Banana-Bread-paleo-perchancetocook.-5I know I have posted a few banana bread recipes already, but I HAD to share this one. Diced fall apples covered in a rich caramel sauce are layered in between layers of banana bread, are slathered on top of the bread, and are baked to perfection. This Caramel Apple Banana Bread is the definition of decadent. Continue reading