Sweet Summer Salad Bowls with Lemon-Honey Chicken (paleo, GF)


Now THIS is what I call a salad. These Sweet Summer Salad Bowls with Lemon-Honey Chicken are full of so many delicious and complimentary flavors! Chopped dates, shredded almonds, dried goldenberries, crunchy jicama, shredded carrots, diced white peaches, roasted lemon-honey chicken, spring salad, and a lemon honey vinaigrette. Yum, yum, yum! Read more

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Paleo Peach Crumble (GF)


I can’t get enough of peaches lately. They are just so beautiful! They smell beautiful, filling my kitchen with the distinct aroma that only peaches have. They taste beautiful; nothing tastes better than a ripe summer peach! And they bake beautifully… Hello Paleo Peach Crumble!

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Creamy Roasted Red Pepper Sauce with Chicken and Zoodles (paleo, GF)


I mentioned in my last post about how I just got back from visiting my sister and my new nephew (he’s one month old and so so cute!!). I tried to make myself useful during my stay… and so I baked lots of lactation cookies (which I couldn’t help eating myself… what? they are so good!) and helped out with dinner.

I was standing in the kitchen one night, trying to figure out what to make for dinner, when my brother-in-law, Garry, suggested a roasted red pepper cream sauce with ravioli. I told him that that sounded delicious, but I had never had that before, so I would need some directions as I cooked. He gasped in disbelief. “You’ve never had roasted red pepper cream sauce!? You HAVE to try it!”  Read more

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Vanilla Avocado Cake with Whipped Coconut Cream and Berries (paleo, GF)


Hello! I’m back from my trip! I went to Ireland to search for a wedding venue and then to France to visit my new nephew… and now that I am home, I’m ready to share lots of Paleo recipes! It was actually a really inspiring trip for me because I came across so many unique food combinations that I can not wait to paleo-ize. For example…tuna and tomato quiche, burgers topped with grilled onion mango chutney, and red pepper cream sauce. My mouth is watering…

But let’s get to the main point of this post… this Vanilla Avocado Cake with Whipped Coconut Cream and Berries! Read more

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Buffalo Taco Salad Bowl (paleo, GF)


When it comes to ordering at a restaurant, I feel like there are two types of people… those that are decisive and can easily choose what they are going to order with no regret. And those that are indecisive and take FOREVER deciding what to order, always wondering if they made the right choice. At least that’s the case in my family. Read more

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Kale and Lemon Pesto Zoodles (paleo, GF, dairy-free)


I think it’s becoming clear how obsessed with zoodles I have become. As much as I genuinely like spaghetti squash, I much prefer zucchini noodles because they have a more neutral taste and a crunchier, more satisfying texture than spaghetti squash does. Plus, zoodles cook so much more quickly. ( 1 minute for zoodles vs. 30 minutes for spaghetti squash).

Just as my pasta replacement has gotten better, so has my paleo pesto recipe! This Kale and Lemon Pesto Zoodle recipe is refreshing, creamy, and delicious. All while being dairy-free! Read more

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Paleo Cherry Clafoutis (GF, dairy-free)


These little cherry-filled ramekins of French deliciousness are the essence of summer. Creating a flan-like texture without using milk or flour is no easy feat, that’s for sure. It took me, ohh, about 10 tries to get this recipe right! Luckily cherry season is in full swing, and cherries have been on sale at the store… Which means, I’ve been able to recipe test to my heart’s delight. :)

Read more

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Paleo Garlic and Sun-dried Tomato Hummus (GF)


Good news… you can still have hummus while following the Paleo diet! All you have to do is replace chickpeas with roasted cauliflower. Thank goodness for cauliflower, right?! It’s a magic vegetable. I’ve used it to make Alfredo, cauliflower rice, pizza crust, and hummus. What would us Paleo people do without it?!

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Blueberry Chia Banana Bread (paleo, GF)


Fact: you can never have too many grain-free banana bread recipes. There are just too many variations to be made! Like this Blueberry Chia Banana Bread, for example. It’s soft, scrumptious, and full of bursts of juicy blueberries on the inside, and it has a lovely hard crust on the outside (thanks to the chia seeds).

The mixture of banana and blueberry flavors is on point. Which is super convenient, considering blueberries have been on sale at the store lately. :) Read more

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Paleo Zoodle Chicken Stir Fry (GF)


Life has been moving so quickly lately. I’ve been having to make an effort to stop, breathe, and enjoy the moment. Which is easier said than done, but thinking of my favorite things definitely helps. Well at least thinking of my current favorite things… :)

My favorite things change with the seasons and right now, I have been enjoying snap dragons, afternoon thunderstorms, cherries, baking clafoutis, and this Paleo Zoodle Chicken Stir Fry.  Read more

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