Roasted Pork Tenderloin with Figs, Apples, and Carrots (paleo, GF)

Roasted Pork Tenderloin with Figs, Apples, and Carrots (paleo, GF)  | Perchance to Cook,

I tend to be someone who always knows what they want to eat for dinner. I normally have my breakfast, lunch, and dinner planned in advance (is that weird?). But lately I haven’t wanted anything! Chicken? No. Burgers? No thank you. Fish? Nahhh. Now that is weird!

So I looked through recipes on Williams Sonoma (my go-to for recipe ideas). And I realized that I haven’t made a dutch oven pork tenderloin in soooo long! I saw some lonely apples and figs in the fridge and before I knew it, this Roasted Pork Tenderloin with Figs, Apples, and Carrots was born. Read more

Cherry Tomato Arrabbiata Zoodles (paleo, GF, vegan)

Cherry Tomato Arrabbiata Zoodles (paleo, GF, vegan)- Italy in a bowl in 15 minutes!

Have you ever craved tomatoes for days on end? I’ve noticed recently that all I want is tomatoes! Tomatoes in my salad, tomatoes in my sauce, tomatoes as a side, even tomatoes in my quiche (scroll down on my home page, and you’ll see). Luckily this has resulted in lots of delicious tomato recipe experimentation in the kitchen.

Like this Cherry Tomato Arrabbiata Zoodles recipe… aka zoodles covered in spicy, tart yet sweet, rich tomato and garlic sauce. Italy in a bowl in less than 15 minutes!

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Grain-free Blueberry-Banana Kale Muffins (paleo, GF)

Grain-free Blueberry-Banana Kale Muffins-- a delicious way to get more superfoods in your diet! | Perchance to Cook

What is better than a warm fragrant banana bread fresh out of the oven? When it’s grain-free!

And what is better than a warm fragrant grain-free banana bread fresh out of the oven? When it’s full of the superfoods kale and blueberries… like in this Grain-free Blueberry-Banana Kale Muffins recipe. Read more

Clean Ground Turkey Roasted Stuffed Peppers (paleo, GF)

Clean Ground Turkey Roasted Stuffed Peppers ::: what you should be having for dinner tonight! #paleo #gf #clean

I’ve got an answer to the age old question of, “what should I make for dinner tonight?”.

These Clean Ground Turkey Roasted Stuffed Peppers are what you should be making for dinner tonight!

This recipe only requires 15-20 minutes of prep work. Then, you put the stuffed peppers into the oven for an hour, and that’s all it takes to get this gourmet delicious meal on your table. Which is nice because you can use that hour to get some things done around the house, to relax or watch a show, or even to work out. It’s a great use of your time. :)

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French Tomato, Tuna, & Mustard Quiche (paleo, GF)

French Tomato, Tuna, & Mustard Quiche-- a refined Paleo quiche made with a sweet potato crust.  | Perchance to Cook

I got the idea to make this quiche while sitting in a café in Bordeaux. Well, it actually wasn’t my idea. It was written on the chalkboard in front of me. “Plat du jour: Quiche thon, tomates, et moutarde”. How interesting!

As I waited for my croissant and coffee to arrive, I couldn’t stop thinking about how intriguing this quiche flavor combination was. I quickly jotted down a note to make this quiche at home, and then continued people watching. Read more

Green Onion and Orange Asian Salmon (paleo, GF)


I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but I don’t have many salmon recipes on this blog. There’s two to be exact. One recipe with smoked salmon in it, and one salmon fishcake recipe.

Since this blog is a pretty accurate reflection of what I eat at home, and of my likes and dislikes… I guess it’s safe to say that I haven’t liked salmon all that much over the last few years. Which is so strange to me because I used to absolutely love it growing up, and I’m starting to love it again now!

I recently made this easy Green Onion and Orange Asian Salmon recipe and surprised myself when I licked my plate clean. :) Read more

Sweet and Spicy Maple and Tomato Pulled Pork (paleo, GF)


This Sweet and Spicy Maple and Tomato Pulled Pork is the new and improved version of my old favorite. It’s bursting with warm tomato, hot cayenne pepper, and chili powder flavors, which is complimented by a delicate maple sweetness. It’s juicy, it’s tender, and it’s so dang delicious! I’m not sure I need another pulled pork recipe after this one. :)

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Grain-free Raspberry Fudge Brownies (paleo, GF)


I’m kind of a chocolate addict. Ok, I’m totally a chocolate addict. To be honest, if I had to give up delicious savory or salty foods for the rest of my life, in order to keep eating chocolate, I would. I’m one of those. One of those who would choose these Grain-free Raspberry Fudge Brownies over fries any day. These rich, gooey, sweet, and chocolatey Grain-free Raspberry Fudge Brownies.

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Healthy Buffalo Turkey Meatballs (paleo, GF)


I had another recipe planned for today’s post, but I got so excited about these Healthy Buffalo Turkey Meatballs that I just couldn’t wait to post the recipe. I’m a huge buffalo sauce lover, so I may be biased…buuuut, these meatballs are honestly one of the best things that I have eaten in a long time!

Seriously, these are so addicting.

Which ends up not being a bad thing because they are a healthier version of meatballs, and a healthier way to get your buffalo chicken or turkey fix. :)

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